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our tobacconist range comprises quality pipe tobaccos, havana and other fine cigars, select handrolling blends and flavouring sprays, snuff, and an extensive selection of smoker's requisites.


fine cigars
  • bolivar no.3

  • cohiba siglo 1

  • guantanamera cristales

  • guantanamera minutos

  • hamlet

  • henri winterman

  • hoyo de monterrey epicure 2

  • jose l piedra petit cazadores

  • king edward

  • la invicta panatella (honduras)

  • la invicta petit corona (honduras and nicaragua)

  • la invicta short (nicaragua)

  • la invicta tres petit corona (honduras)

  • meharis red orient

  • montecristo open junior

  • montecristo open regatta

  • montecristo petit tubos

  • montecristo puritos

  • partagas serie d no.4 

  • punch coronation

  • punch petit coronation

  • quintero tubulares

  • romeo y julieta no. 3

  • romeo y julieta petit churchill

  • romeo y julieta short churchill

  • romeo y julieta puritos

  • signature

  • trinidad vigia

  • upmann corona junior

  • upmann magnum 46

  • villiger premium 7

  • villiger rio 6

pipe tobaccos

pipe tobaccos
  • peterson balkan mixture, irish cask, gold blend (tin)

  • peterson (formerly dunhill) early morning, nightcap, my mixture, deluxe navy rolls, elizabethan, the royal yacht mixture (tin) 

  • st bruno ready rubbed (pouch)

  • macbaren scottish mixture (pouch)

  • clan (pouch)

  • condor (pouch)

  • gawith and hoggarth kendal gold, gold menthol, gold dutch, gold blueberry (loose)

  • gawith and hoggarth kendal mixed, mixed vanilla, mixed black cherry, mixed cherry vanilla (loose)

  • gawith and hoggarth kendal dark (loose)

  • gawith and hoggarth american blend whisky, vanilla, black cherry, cherry vanilla (loose)

  • gawith and hoggarth curly cut deluxe (loose)

  • gawith and hoggarth black irish x twist, brown pigtail, black extra sweet pigtail (loose)

  • gawith and hoggarth coniston cut plug, ennerdale (tin)

  • samuel gawith best brown flake, 1792 flake (loose)

  • exclusiv wild mango (loose)

  • borkum riff ruby(pouch)

  • three nuns (pouch)


handrolling tobacco flavouring sprays
  • pueblo blue (pouch)

  • pueblo classic (pouch)

  • auld kendal gold (pouch)

  • auld kendal georgia (pouch)

  • greengo herbal mixture (pouch)

  • a selection of flavouring sprays


  • pueblo blue

  • pueblo classic


wilsons of sharrow snuff
  • samuel gawith dr verey's plus, red crest

  • dr rumney's brown, blue

  • mcchrystal's

  • wilsons sharrow mills apricot, spearmint



smoker's requisites

from filters and papers (including raw and greengo) to pipe cleaners, pipe tools and a wide selection of lighters, we have your smoking requisites covered


from entry level briar pipes to meerschaum and the finest petersons, and even some clay pipes