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our history

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in 1755 Charles Hadfield bought the goodwill of his uncle's apothecary in the Cheshire market town of Macclesfield.  the business prospered and was passed from father to son through 14 generations until the last Hadfield to work in the business retired in 2003.  the current custodian took on the business in 2017, enabling tradition to be re-envisaged for the 21st century.

the old shop on the corner of mill street and stanley street

the first shop was situated in the mansion house, which was converted to shops in 1680. when this was demolished in 1826 the business moved into the family home at number 1 mill street, where it remained until the site was cleared for the shopping centre.

the business moved again, to derby street, now part of churchill way.

purpose built shop on derby street, later churchill way

the current premises opened in 2000 and incorporates characterful fittings from the prior premises, and has the advantage of an outdoor sales space.  of course the shop includes the centuries old favourites of apothecaries, the taxidermy alligator and turtle.  

Hadfield shop today
wartime formulae for personal care preparations
patent for the famous Hadfield rum cough elixir
Hadfield, drysalter. Macclesfield's longest established retailer, trading since 1755
the famous taxidermy alligator at Hadfield, Macclesfield
Rangunol, a gun and tackle care oil developed by Charles Hadfield
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