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one of britain's oldest retailers

drysalter: noun. dealer in a range of chemical products, including glue, varnish, dye and colourings 

britain's last drysalter

currently only branded barcoded stock is shown, and some categories, e.g., tobacco products, are not shown by google, stock levels are updated daily.

Taxidermy display from the1755collection

exclusively at Hadfield, the1755collection is a carefully curated collection of curios, taxidermy, candles and more, inspired by our georgian heritage

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Incense, essnetial oils and bathsalt sign and display


in our wellbeing range you will find essential oils, exotic incense, bath salts, and interior pieces for your home, including incense burners and oil diffusers

Three meerschaum smoking pipes on a wicker background


our  tobacco range includes loose tobacco from the UK's last traditional tobacco maker, gawith & hoggarth of kendal; organic tobacco; herbal smoking mixture; snuff; and for those special occassions, havana cigars more >>

Grooming products display containing shaving mug and razor, shaving brushes, real horn combs, and bottles of beard oil


our luxury grooming range has everything for the modern gent: safety razors, cut-throats, brushes, bowls and real horn combs. we also stock preparations for care of facial hair, and shaving soap, creams and balms.

A display of eco friendly personal care products, including tooth care and deodorants

eco personal care

a range of eco products to green your personal care regime, in plastic free packaging. solid shampoos and soaps, compostable toothbrushes and floss, toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, lip balms, moisturizer, and  reusable makeup remover pads.

A display of eco friendly homecare products, including coco fibre scourers, and tampico fibre brushes

eco homewares

we have a great range of eco products to keep your home spick and span. and of course we also sell a range of home chemicals loose, and make our drysalter's brand of traditional preparations.

A display of gardening supplies, including seaweed fertilizers and ash handled stainless steel tools

garden supplies

our garden range includes fertiliser, weed killer, pest control, seeds and tools. we sell many products loose, in the tradition of a drysalter. supplies for organic and eco gardeners a speciality, including the maxicrop range and shropshire seaweed

Bags od Dalefoot sheep wool and bracken peat free compost

dalefoot compost

wool and bracken compost made on a family farm in cumbria.  all the composts in the range are peat free, but deliver the same results as traditional composts. all-purpose, seed, ericaceous, veg variants

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Handmade garden terracotta pots by William Blyth


 english hand-thrown terracotta pots, planters crafted from whisky barrels in scotland, and cast stone planters. we can help you add a touch of class to your planting.  

Reconstituted stone garden ornaments including a gothic style window and a wizard

ferney heyes cast stone

our extensive range of stone ornamnents is handcrafted in cheshire by family concern ferney heyes garden products. 

Display of Nutscene garden twines


we have a great selection of twine from the iconic nutscene brand, which includes colourful jute and raffia, polished flax, mini spools, and butcher's twine. for gardeners and crafters alike.

A display of homecare products, including natural bristle brushes, traditional cleaning products, and sash cord

home consumables

we stock high quality homewares: wood polishes and waxes, metal polish, leather and fabric care products. we love traditional favourites:  household soap, windolene cream, chemico stardrops, bar keepers friend, brasso, silvo, briwax, stone's, cambridge beeswax, lord sheraton, antiquax.

quality natural bristle brushes a speciality.

Beeswax candles handmade by the proprietor

wax chandler

as wax chandlers we make our own candles, in small batches using mainly natural waxes: beeswax, soy, rapeseed and natural stearin. from everyday household candles to dinner candles and scented lights, you are sure to find something you like.

Kilner jar

kilner & preserving

an extensive range of kilner as well as preserving equipment and consumables.  from stylish drinks dispensers to clip top preserving jars and bottles, and reusable beeswax and vegan food wraps we have it covered.

Homebrew beer kits

brewing supplies

our range of homebrew kits includes organic kits from st. peters and vegan kits from coopers, as well as kits by muntons, john bull, woodfordes and youngs. we stock a good range of equipment and ancilleries for homebrewing

Returnable glass bottles containing chemicals packed in store


we sell chemicals, oils, and wel-being salts, many home packed or sold loose - in the tradition of a drysalter

drysalters brand logo final.jpg

drysalter's brand

reviving the tradition of preparations made to our own receipt, our expanding drysalter's brand range includes products from our archives and new formulations developed by us, plus products made by selected partners

Display of Dylon machine wash dyes


dylon and jacquard idye poly: a full range of fabric dyes for natural and synthetic fibres

true to our heritage as a drysalter

various hardware items sold loose rather than prepacked


a range of hardware sold loose, in the traditional way.  picture hanging, plate display, hooks, fuses, if you only want one, you can buy just the one.

A selection of the iconic Falcon enamel dining ware

falcon enamelware

iconic falcon enamelware has been gracing british tables since 1920, and has never lost its appeal. from pie dishes to coffee pots we have a lovely selection to choose from

Selection of fireside products, including grate and companion set, and black leading


our fireside range includes grates, fireguards, fireside tools, black lead, and firelighters, including handmade soy wax pine cone firestarters from the1755collection. we have local hardwood logs, coal, and kindling

Picture of wild bird food sold loose by weight, including peanuts, sunflower hearts, and mixed seed

wild birds

take care of the wild birds in your area with our range of feeders and bird food. we sell bird food loose, in the tradition of a drysalter, so you only need to buy what you require. bulk quantities available.

Pest control products

pest control

pest solutions, from repelling and humane capture to poisons and traps. if you're troubled by mice, rats, wasps, moths, ants, spiders, carpet beetles, fleas, then we can help  

Nikwax wash and waterproof products for active leisure wear


since 1977 nikwax has been leading the way with innovative waterproofing products for footwear, clothing and outdoor equipment. 

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